How to register a KRA PIN for refugees in Kenya

If you are a refugee and ever struggled in registering a KRA pin, be it for opening a bank account, getting a job or doing business in Kenya. Worry no more as in this article we will guide you on how to register a KRA Pin Number as a refugee in Kenya.

Below are the procedures on how to register a KRA pin for refugees in Kenya:

  1. Make an application online on ITax under New Pin Registration as a Non Kenyan Non Resident.
  2. Fill in all the required areas and attach a copy of your refuge ID.
  3. After successfully filling all the required information correctly and submitting the data, an acknowledgement receipt will be generated.
  4. You will then need to present to Times Tower, the acknowledgment receipt alongside other relevant documents, for approval of your KRA pin registration.

Please note that all refugee KRA PIN applications can only be completed at the KRA offices located on Times Tower in Nairobi along Haile Selassie Avenue.

Below are the documents required to complete the KRA pin registration process for refugees at Times Tower:

  1. KRA PIN application acknowledgement receipt
  2. Original and Copy of a valid Refugee ID or Alien Card.  
  3. Introduction letter from Refugee Affairs secretariat.    
  4. Letter from employer if you are employed.
  5. Business Registration Certificate if you are in business.
  6. Work permit from the Immigration department (Class M permit). A class M permit is issued to a person who has been granted refugee status in Kenya in accordance with the refugee law of Kenya and any spouse of such a refugee who intends to take up employment or engage in a specific occupation, trade, business or profession.

Once you have presented these documents, KRA official will verify and issue you with a KRA PIN certificate.

How to register a Limited Company in Kenya

I know you might have struggled knowing how to register a limited company in Kenya. But worry no more because I will be taking you through the procedures.

Below are the procedures on how to register a limited company in Kenya:

1. Name Search- Come up with 3 proposed company names and list them in order of preference. After a search, if one of the 3 proposed names is selected, it will be reserved by the registrar of companies.

2. Execution of forms CR1, CR2, CR8 and statement of Nominal capital – Once the name is approved and reserved. The company registration forms are executed and signed by the subscribers and directors of the company.

3. Application for registration – After filling in the registration forms, the application forms are then submitted to the Registrar of companies for registration.

4. Registration and issuance of certificate of Incorporation.

5. KRA PIN application

The above are the simple procedures on how to register a limited company in Kenya.

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